14 Aug 2013

Ashanti Featured In Sister2Sister Magazine + Talks Love & Army Wives!


Singer Ashanti is featured in an issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Ashanti discusses her 11-year mark in the game with Sister 2 Sister’s Jamie. She discusses “Braveheart”, family, Army Wives, relationships and much more.

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20 Jun 2012

Lil Wayne & Mother Jacida Carter Cover Sister 2 Sister July Issue + Interview!

On his father:

He don’t give a $h!t about me. And I don’t give a $h!t about him

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23 Aug 2011

Singer Nivea Starting Charity For Teen Moms

Lil Wayne’s ex-girlfriend Nivea is launching her own charity to provide support and guidance for troubled teen moms.

The R&B singer, 29, was prompted to take action after researching the numbers of young American girls having kids in difficult situations, and she wants to reach out to them and offer words of wisdom.

Nivea is particularly enthusiastic to help those abandoned by their families and forced to live in homeless shelters.

She tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, “I’m starting up a charity… I would really like to talk to these young girls. I’m hearing so much about girls in these shelters and these 12 and 13 year olds having babies and they have no parents at all. They have no one there to tell them it’s not the end of the world.

“You (sic) scared, you didn’t mean to do that or whatever the case is – they’re just sitting in shelters, waiting ’til they can get a job so they can take care of a baby or two that they have and it’s the most depressing thing. All we have to do is sit down and have a conversation with some of these girls and inspire them and give them something (to live for) ’cause it’s just bad.”

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08 May 2011

Angie Stone in Play Alongside NeNe Leakes and it’s All Good

*Angie Stone is one of those artists who comes out with something every once in a while, stays low-key, and then tries something else. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening now. The artist is sort of putting her singing on hold to nurture her other passion in acting. “Acting was my first love. This was the […]

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06 May 2011

Chris Brown’s Mom on Rihanna Assault: ‘He Has to Own It’

*Chris Brown’s mother is hoping the singer eventually opens up about the events that led to his beating of Rihanna so he can “learn to deal with it” and move past his anger problems. The singer sat down for an interview with CNN Larry King months after the incident, but has refused to discuss the […]

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