10 May 2013

Celebs Out & About: Jennifer Lopez & Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Jennifer Lopez 2

Singer Jennifer Lopez stops by Z100 Studio for a radio interview in New York City.

Christina Milian 2

Christina Milian attended the 2013 NBC Universal Summer Press Day held at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa in California. Check out more pics after the break..

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21 Mar 2011

Farrakhan to Obama (Video): ‘Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?’

*In a radio interview interview on Monday, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan had some strong words for President Obama regarding his call for Moammar Qaddafi to step down as leader of Libya. “I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with […]

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14 Mar 2011

Mixtape: Lil Kim – Black Friday + Download!

01 – Lil Kim-Intro
02 – Lil Kim-Pissin On Em
03 – Lil Kim-Champagne Poppin Feat Wiz Khalifa
04 – Lil Kim-Hustle Hard
05 – Lil Kim-Killin Em Feat Fabolous
06 – Lil Kim-6 Foot Tall
07 – Lil Kim-Clap Clap Feat Irs
08 – Lil Kim-Kimmy Girl Feat Keri Hilson
09 – Lil Kim-Gimme Brain
10 – Lil Kim-Cheatin Feat Rihanna
11 – Lil Kim-Exclusive Radio Interview
12 – Lil Kim-Grindin Makin Money (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Bi
13 – Lil Kim-Racks
14 – Lil Kim-Pussy Callin (Feat. Lil Boosie)
15 – Lil Kim-Black Friday
16 – Lil Kim-Faded Feat Red Cafe And Rick Ross
17 – Lil Kim-Irs Freestyle
18 – Lil Kim-Lights Camera Action
19 – Lil Kim-Buy U Music (Feat. Keri Hilson)

Download: Lil Kim – Black Friday

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04 Mar 2011

I Think Michael Huckabee Is A Blep Blep!!!!

As always I was reading my morning news and came across
an article refrencing Michael Huckabee’s recent radio interview.

First off his issue was supposedly with Natalie Portman glorifying
unmarried pregnancys. But when he began quoting statistics to
back up his statement he refrenced blacks and hispanic. Yet
from what I can see Natalie Portman is caucasian. So was this
rant just a reason to take a low blow a hispanics and blacks, who
he claims are very poor, uneducated, can’t get a job, and if it weren’t for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care.

What do you think?

Here is his full statement:

You know Michael, one of the things that’s troubling is that people see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet who boasts of, ‘Hey look, you know, we’re having children, we’re not married, but we’re having these children, and they’re doing just fine.

But there aren’t really a lot of single moms out there who are making millions of dollars every year for being in a movie. And I think it gives a distorted image that yes, not everybody hires nannies, and caretakers, and nurses. Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can’t get a job, and if it weren’t for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care. And that’s the story that we’re not seeing, and it’s unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out of children wedlock.
You know, right now, 75 percent of black kids in this country are born out of wedlock. 61 percent of Hispanic kids — across the board, 41 percent of all live births in America are out of wedlock births. And the cost of that is simply staggering.(Source)

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02 Mar 2011

Video: Aretha Franklin on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ (Part One)

*Wendy Williams finally sat down with the Queen of Soul for Wednesday’s broadcast of her talk show, but the legendary singer still didn’t disclose the exact nature of her recent illness. Aretha Franklin, 68, would only say that she knew she was seriously ill when she felt a crippling pain in her side. The singer […]

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