03 May 2011

Prod. Tracey Edmonds and Dir. Salim Akil Discuss ‘Jumping the Broom’

*On Friday, May 6 the film “Jumping the Broom” will be released to theaters nationwide. Recently Lee Bailey had the chance to participate in a press junket where the equal parts powerful and beautiful entertainment mogul Tracey Edmonds and veteran director Salim Akil were on hand to talk about the film, its cast and everything […]

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26 May 2010

Producer Timberland Has Legal Woes


Timbaland has settled a legal dispute after a songwriter accused him of sampling his track without permission.

Producer David Cortopassi, who wrote a song titled “Spazz’ that was originally recorded by The Elastik Band in the 1960s, claimed that the super producer had swiped portions of the track in his 2007 song “Throw It On Me,” which featured the Hives.

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29 Apr 2010

Producer Jazzy Pha Giving $1,000 For The Most Weight Lost!


“A lot of people depend on me. I want to live to see my children become adults,” Jazze Pha said in a statement. “I now understand that my weight loss isn’t so much about me as much as it is about the many people that I may inspire to live a healthier lifestyle through this movement to cure obesity.

” The top three runner ups will receive a spa day with a makeover at Texturz salon in Duluth, a photo shoot with Drexina Nelson and a free month of group training with Kenya Crooks.
For more details visit www.kenyacrooks.com.

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