01 Oct 2012

Fab Mixtape: Big Kuntry King – Still Kuntry Hosted By DJ MLK


1x1.trans Fab Mixtape: Big Kuntry King   Still Kuntry Hosted By DJ MLK

Big Kuntry King hooks up with DJ MLK for this new mixtape “Still Kuntry”, which features 11 freestyles over popular tracks.


1.Still Kuntry (Intro)
2.Snap Backs & Tattoos (Freestyle)
3.The Sprint (Freestyle)
4.Sacked Up (Freestyle)
5.I Don’t Like (Freestyle)
6.Can She Live (Freestyle)
7.The Jet (Freestyle) feat. Trump247
8.Never Been 1 & 2 (Freestyle)
9.I’m Faded (Freestyle)
10.Swimming Pool (Freestyle)
11.Tonight (Freestyle)

Download: Big Kuntry King – Still Kuntry

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08 Mar 2012

Grand Hustle Presents – D.O.P.E. Mixtape

1x1.trans Grand Hustle Presents – D.O.P.E. Mixtape

Grand Hustle Presents – D.O.P.E. mixtape, hosted By DJ Spinz, DJ Pretty Boy Tank & DJ MLK.

Download Mixtape

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07 Jul 2011

Big Kuntry King – Everything Big Hosted By DJ MLK & DJ Scream

01 Big Kuntry King – Everything Big Intro
02 Big Kuntry King – My Balls My Word [Prod. By 2Tall]
03 Big Kuntry King – All About U [Prod. By Nard & B]
04 Big Kuntry King – Don’t Touch My Radio [Prod. By Marvelous J]
05 Big Kuntry King – Yellow [Prod. By 2Tall]
06 Big Kuntry King – Focus (Feat. Rick Ross) [Prod. By Black Mob]
07 Big Kuntry King – No Tax [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
08 Big Kuntry King – Ain’t It Man [Prod. By Nard & B]
09 Big Kuntry King – Underrated [Prod. By Get Cool]
10 Big Kuntry King – Wanna Blow (Feat. Mitchelle’l) [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
11 Big Kuntry King – I Got U Boo (Feat. Nonie) [Prod. By Pacman Beats]
12 Big Kuntry King – Joe Montana [Prod. By Marvelous J]
13 Big Kuntry King – Follow Me Home (Feat. C-Gutta & Mitchelle’l) [Prod. By C-Gutta]
14 Big Kuntry King – 100 Racks (Feat. Future) [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
15 Big Kuntry King – Everything Gucci [Prod. By Nard & B]
16 Big Kuntry King – California Soil (Feat. Trump) [Prod. By Get Cool]
17 Big Kuntry King – Everything Big
18 Big Kuntry King – P.Y.T. [Prod. By 2Tall]

Download: Big Kuntry King – Everything Big

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04 May 2011

Popular Magician and Comedian’s Botched MLK Quote on Twitter Goes Viral

*Does anyone remember the comedic magician duo Penn and Teller?  They were put on the map with the hip-hop community when they performed in the Run DMC video “It’s Tricky.” They have a Las Vegas act that breaks the rules of magic and comedy.  And now Penn has taken to botching quotes too. According to […]

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09 Apr 2011

Ill. unions mark week of MLK’s death with rallies

Union supporters plan to end a week of statewide workers’ rights events with rallies in Chicago.

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18 Jun 2010

New Book Claims Death Row Was An FBI Front To Ruin Black Activism

(AllHipHop News) A new book being published claims that Death Row Records was actually a front for the FBI in an attempt to assault and end black activism. The new book The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence’s Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, The Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers & Linked […]

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28 May 2010

DJ Drama, DJ MLK & T.I. – Fuck A Mixtape

01 – Jamie Foxx – Intro
02 – Welcome Back To The Trap
03 – Spazz Out
04 – Whatcha Sayin Tip
05 – Yeah Ft Lil Wayne
06 – Yeah You Know
07 – Once Upon Time
08 – Here We Go Again
09 – Get Yo Girl Ft Rashad
10 – Like So
11 – Gettin Paid
12 – Lil Duval

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