01 Apr 2014

Michael Jackson New Album “The Xscape” Drops May 13th!


On May 13, Epic Records, in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release XSCAPE, an album of new music by the internationally beloved music icon and King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The project features eight new tracks, which the world will be hearing for the very first time on the new album.

For the ultimate fan experience, XSCAPE will also be available in a Deluxe Edition, which includes all of the sourced Michael Jackson recordings in their original form. The XSCAPE standard and Deluxe Edition’s are available for pre-order beginning April 1 on iTunes.com/MichaelJackson and elsewhere, and available at all retailers worldwide on May 13.

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05 Jun 2013

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide!


I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, I just wish there were some responsible adults around to guide this young lady in the right direction!


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16 May 2013

Wade Robson Claims Michael Jackson Played With His Family Jewels + David Beckham Retires!


I honestly think Wade Robson is trying to get a large payday.
How do you go from testifying at Michael Jackson molestation trial, stating how he never did anything funny to you. But now that he is dead you wanna say he played with your boy parts. I can’t listen to his foolishness below.

 In other news….


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12 Mar 2013

Ciara X Annex Magazine

Ciara X Annex Magazine 2

On her new album:

I am approaching this record in a different way than I have any other project before. While recording “One Woman Army” I have been running towards my fears and allowing myself to be vulnerable in many ways; for the first time I allowed myself to be completely open in the music making process. I can honestly say this is the most fun that I’ve ever had making an album.

Ciara X Annex Magazine

On her musical inspirations:

I really love listening to artists like Lana Del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, Drake just to name a few. However, I continue to find inspiration from the generation of greats such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna.

Check out behind the scenes footage of Ciara’s photo shoot below:

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21 Feb 2013

Ice Lawndale 10 Presents The Wiz 35th Anniversary February 27th!

the wiz

The Wiz 35th anniversary sing-a-long
An urbanized retelling of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz featuring an entirely African-American cast, The Wiz was adapted from the 1975 Broadway musical of the same name. Wth Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell
In Person: Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion.

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