04 Apr 2013

Fab Mixtape: Honey Cocaine – Thug Love + Download!


Mixtape Tracklist:

1.Outta Pocket Shit (Intro)
2.Money Murderer [Prod. By Dkevrim]
3.Brooklyn To Compton [Prod. By Dkevrim]
4.Middle Finger [Prod. By Dkevrim]
5.Chichi Get The Yayo [Prod. By Dkevrim]
6.Really Really [Prod. By Dkevrim]
7.Bullet 4 U [Prod. By Dkevrim]
8.Heartache (Skit)
9.Until It Hurt [Prod. By Dkevrim]
10.A Little Ham [Prod. By Dkevrim]
11.Bad Gal [Prod. By Dkevrim]
12.Runaway Bride [Prod. By Dkevrim]
13.All White Choppa [Prod. By Dkevrim]
14.Fake As Fuck (Skit)
15.Hold Some Nuts [Prod. By Dkevrim]
16.Me N My Toolie [Prod. By Dkevrim]
17.That Wonton [Prod. By Dkevrim]
18.Don’t Push Me [Prod. By Dkevrim]
19.Asians On The Map [Prod. By Dkevrim]
20.No Grind No Pain [Prod. By Dkevrim]
21.Hold It Down (Outro)
22.(Bonus) Bitch [Prod. By Dkevrim]

Mixtape Download: Honey Cocaine – Thug Love

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07 Jun 2012

Future Performing w/ Pusha T At The METRO June 19th

When: June 19th

3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago IL 60613
United States
Show on Map
Tel: (773) 549.0203
Web: www.metrochicago.com/

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27 May 2011

Congressional lines drawn to edge out GOP

Democrats’ remap threatens newly elected Republicans— Suburban voters are likely to see unfamiliar names on the ballot when they vote for Congress next year under a proposed Democratic map unveiled Friday aimed at removing most of the rookie Rep…

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26 May 2011

Congressional map would hurt suburban GOP

SPRINGFIELD — Senate Democrats got their first look today at a proposed congressional map that would try to reverse the Republican majority gained after the 2010 mid-term elections when five new GOP congressmen were elected in Illinois.

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21 May 2011

Latino groups split on Democratic map plan

A coalition of Latino groups that had worked together for more representation in the state legislature fragmented today at a state Senate hearing over the effects of a proposed Democratic redrawing of Illinois’ legislative boundaries.

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04 May 2011

Popular Magician and Comedian’s Botched MLK Quote on Twitter Goes Viral

*Does anyone remember the comedic magician duo Penn and Teller?  They were put on the map with the hip-hop community when they performed in the Run DMC video “It’s Tricky.” They have a Las Vegas act that breaks the rules of magic and comedy.  And now Penn has taken to botching quotes too. According to […]

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29 Apr 2011

Coalition to unveil proposed legislative map

The United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations on Monday will propose new boundaries for state legislative districts aimed at increasing minority representation in Springfield.

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29 Apr 2011

Son Of A Gun Cast: Peter Gunz

Peter is Cory’s father and voice of reason. Through Peter’s influence, Cory fell in love with hip-hop and aspired to become an artist himself.

Peter’s hit “Uptown Baby” put the Gunz family on the map in the rap game, but it wasn’t enough to propel them into a better life.

Through his ups and downs in the business, Peter knows the path Cory is on and works to guide him so that he won’t make the same mistakes he did.

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