20 Dec 2013

Jet Magazine Interview X Idris Elba And Naomie Harris


Actors Idris Elba and Naomie Harris graced the cover of JETmagazine. Inside the issue, the two dished on what it was like to play in the biopic for Nelson Mandela and his former wife Winnie Mandela.

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05 Apr 2012

Octavia Spencer Covers JET Magazine April 2012 Issue

Octavia Spencer is featured in the April issue of JET Magazine. Octavia is known for her Oscar winning role in ‘The Help’.

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02 Mar 2012

Jet Magazine Dedicates March Cover To Whitney Houston!

In memory of who we call “The Voice” Jet Magazine will have dedication to Whitney Houston in the March 5 issue of Jet Magazine.

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09 Feb 2012

Legendary Director Spike Le Covers JET Magazine + Interview!

On His Rape Scene:

It was immaturity on my part. It really did not treat rape with the seriousness that it is.

On His OP-ED In The New York Times:

In Mo Better Blues, there are two characters named Mo and John Flatbush. And they’re Jewish. When the film came out, I was called anti-Semitic. And my lawyer at the time, a great man named Arther Klein, told me if I don’t write a New York Times op-ed peice saying that I am not anti-Semitic, I was never going to work in Holly wood again.

On Having A Opinion:

If you ask my wife, she’d say someimes you should shut up, but anytime I’ve said something, it’s always been my thinking that I am not speaking on behalf of all African-Americans. This is my opinion.

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09 Dec 2011

Rapper Common Covers JET Magazine + Interview!

On Love:

“I think the core of the human being and the heart is love, and we all want that,” he said. “Love has allowed me to do the things I’m doing in life. I feel like we all deserve that — to receive love and give it, too. I think when you give that love — love of God, love of other people, self-love — you’re able to make the world better. Your days go better.”

On Being Whipped:

“I have been in love, and I did get my heart broken,” he said, noting that he’s man enough to openly share sans inhibition. “As an adult, I can say I’ve been through love, and this is some of the experiences I’ve had. Men love. Men go crazy over women. They go to prison, start wars and lose hair over them. Don’t act like you can’t acknowledge it. It may be that you haven’t been through it, so I’m not afraid to say it.

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