20 Feb 2014

Fab Video: Kelis – Jerk Ribs

Kelis - Jerk Ribs

Kelis has a new album called Food coming this spring, here are the visuals for one of her singles titled “Jerk Ribs”.

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26 Oct 2013

Rapper Ja Rule Releasing Convict Cookbook..


You know when I first heard that Ja Rule would be releasing a cookbook that features recipes from jail, I thought it was a joke. However I think he may be on to something. Jailhouse food is comfort food to convicts, so with this book maybe their female counterparts can learn a few things. If they microwave the ish at home, maybe they won’t go back to jail..

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23 Oct 2013

Celebs Out & About: Hayden Panettiere & Matt Damen


Hayden Panettiere and Matt Damen encourage people to love food more and waste it less as part of the Glad Food Protection #saveitsunday movement at the 23rd Annual Environmental Media Association Awards at Warner Bros. Studios.

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18 Jul 2011

Woman Chops Off Husband’s Penis and Grinds It In Garbage Disposal (Video)

Every man that just read the headline for this story is in pain thinking about it. Hopefully, it made them also think of every woman they have ever wronged. We don’t know the impetus for this story, but we do know that there HAS to be a real story behind this. If a woman chops off a penis and doesn’t even give the courtesy “throw” like Lorena Bobbitt, there must be more to it.
According to CNN, the woman, Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, severed her husband’s penis by first drugging him and putting poison or a drug in his food which caused him to pass out in the bed and wake up tied to the bed with his wife on top of him poised to cut. The police and neighbors have no clue what could’ve set her off, but it had to be more than the fact that he filed for divorce a couple months ago. He is not being identified because he is the victim of domestic abuse.


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10 Sep 2010

Women Suspended From Kraft Plant Kills 2 & Wound 3 (Video Inside)

PHILADELPHIA – A woman who had just been suspended from her job and escorted from a Northeast Philadelphia Kraft Foods facility returned with a handgun and opened fire Thursday, killing two people and critically injuring a third, police said.

Approximately 100 people were inside the building at the time of the shooting.

The suspected shooter was taken into custody about an hour later. She has been identified as 43-year-old Yvonne Hiller, Fox 29’s Steve Keeley reported.

Hiller had worked there for the last 15 years. Police said she was suspended Thursday night and returned less than 10 minutes later.

Police said she crashed her car through a fence and then entered the Kraft Foods building – formerly a Nabisco plant – on the 12000 block of Roosevelt Boulevard near Byberry Road as the 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. shift was coming to an end.

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, “8:35 is what we have recorded as the time she was escorted out. The call came in at 8:44 of a person with a gun … a .357 Magnum that she apparently reloaded. We did find some shell casings on the third floor.”

That’s where police said the shooting occurred. Sources told Fox 29 News the suspect shot one woman in the back of the head before then shooting the two others.

Sources also tell Fox 29 News that the two dead victims are women, and the wounded survivor is a man.

Police and SWAT soon swarmed the plant. The woman surrendered but not until she had fired through a wall at the first arriving officers.

“We’re very fortunate,” Ramsey said. “There were seven people actually trapped in close proximity to where she was actually taken into custody. They were hiding, and they were able to let us know where they were, and SWAT came in and were able to disarm her and extract them.”

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