06 Sep 2013

Fab Music: Eddie Murphy Feat. Snoop Lion – Red Light


Check out Eddie’s new single below..

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02 May 2013

Kim Kardashian Spazz’s Out During Fish Pedicure!

Kim Kardashian fish pedicure

While on a trip to the Greek isle of Santorini, Kim Kardashian decided to get a “fish pedicure” along with her sister Kourtney. What happened
next was the ugliest cry I have seen since Eddie Murphy in “Beverly Hills Cop”.

Kim Kardashian fish pedicure 2

Watch the video below:

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05 Nov 2012

Celebs Out & About: Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, & Holly Robinson Peete


Charlie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Holly Robinson Peete attend Spike TV’s Eddie Murphy: One Night Only television special held at the Saban Theatre to honor comedian Eddie Murphy.

(Getty Images)

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06 Jul 2012

Lisa Raye McCoy Gives Vh1’s “Hollywood Exes” 2 Thumbs DOWN!


Wednesday night was the premiere of the so controversial new VH1 series, “Hollywood Exes.”

“Single Ladies” star LisaRaye checked out the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” and wasn’t impressed. She took to Twitter to speak her mind: “For real??…Another show with fighting, scrapping, throwing….WTF man. Say it aint so HOLLYWOOD exes.”

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26 Mar 2012

VH1’s New Reality Series “Hollywood Exes”: @Nicole_Murphy, @JessicaCanseco, @ShereeFletcher, & Andrea Kelly!

The series will star Nicole Murphy (ex wife of Eddie Murphy – 13 years), Jessica Canseco (ex wife of Jose Canseco – 4 years), Sheree Fletcher (ex wife of Will Smith – 3 years), Mayte Garcia (ex wife of Prince – 3 years), and Andrea Kelly (ex wife of R. Kelly – 12 years). “Hollywood Exes” will premiere in the summer of 2012 with 10 one-hour episodes.

Hollywood ex-wives are part of an exclusive sorority whose members’ lives seem to mirror that of a modern day Cinderella fairytale. But all the fame and fortune of marrying a celebrity may seem fun and glamorous at first, but it often comes with a price tag. Living in the shadow of your very famous husband can take its toll on your psyche when you feel second to his career.

These five women, who have all been friends for years and in some cases for as long as 20 years, want to show the world they are more than just a trophy wife with a pretty face. They want to establish themselves as independent, successful women and bring relevance and honor to themselves separate from their very famous exes…even if there is a little drama along the way.

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