03 Jun 2014

Bus Crash Shuts Down Dan Ryan Expressway!!


If you were heading home during rush hour today, you may of noticed the Dan Ryan expressway
came to a stand still.A 18 wheeler lost control, and crashed into a school bus and another

dan-rayan-crash 2

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16 May 2013

Kanye West Mother—-ing RANT!


Was I the only person who felt like a Kanye West rant was over due?
Its funny how people who have kids, still act like kids. Do you think Yeezy had a valid point in his newest rant? Read what he had to say below, and you be the judge.

“One thing about me, I’m the worst kinda … celebrity because all I do is make real music. All I do is sit in the studio and make real, real sh–. And that’s it.

That’s mother—-ing it. That’s mother—-ing it. So I don’t want nobody trying to run up on me with no cameras, trying to sell pictures and sh– to magazines, asking me no dumbass questions, throwing me off of my focus and sh–. Harassing you all mother—-ing day. I ain’t no mother—-ing celebrity.”

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11 Apr 2012

Rapper Twista Being Sued In Death Of Bodyguard!

Arthur “Butch” Dixon, 45, died of multiple blunt force trauma injuries in a rollover crash in Pennsylvania after the driver, Twista’s cousin, Otis Bankhead, fell asleep at the wheel as Twista and his entourage returned to Chicago from a concert in New York.

Dixon, an accomplished jazz pianist and son of legendary bluesman Willie Dixon, and all the other passengers were thrown from the customized van. The lawsuit states Bankhead had a history of driving violations and his license was suspended at the time of the crash. The lawsuit mirrors one filed just two years after the crash, which lawyers for Dixon’s wife and three children dropped last year.

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15 Mar 2012

Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Rear Ended! LITERALLY!

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was involved in a minor fender bender when the car he was driving was rear-ended on the Kennedy Expressway, Illinois State police officials said.

The accident happened at about 4:25 p.m. on the I-90 South Bound lanes at Ogden, police said in a press release this evening.

Rose, of Northbrook, was in his 2011 Beige Bentley when he was rear-ended by a 2002 Green Saturn driven by Charles Trautwein of Dundalk, Md, police said.

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26 Jun 2011

Police: 6 dead, 28 unaccounted for in Amtrak crash

SPARKS, Nev. (AP) — Two truck drivers and a train engineer watched helplessly as a semitrailer skidded the length of a football field before it smashed through crossing gates and into two double-decker cars of an Amtrak train at a Nevada highway…

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