17 Apr 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Boston Marathon Bombings Suspect Arrested

4/15/13- Scene of explosion at Boston Marathon (Must credit: WCVB- TV)

Authorities have identified a possible suspect in the investigation into Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. A source told CNN’s John King that photos from a local Boston TV station as well as photos of the pressure cooker bomb itself helped lead to the identity of the suspect.

Footage taken from a camera outside the Lord & Taylor department store shows the suspect dropping a bag into one of the known bombing locations.

(Source: AP)

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17 Apr 2013

5th Annual Hat & Glove Inspirational Breakfast (Details Inside)


Tickets $30.00 in advance for adults, $35 at the door
$10.00 in advance for children 12 years & under, $15 at the door

The Legacy 11901 S. Loomis,
Chicago, IL 60643
Sponsored by: Money University
Hosted by: Fed Up Productions

For more information:
Call 872-221-4795 or visit www.sylviashatglove.info

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11 Apr 2013

Janelle Monae Covers Essence Magazine + Interview!

Janelle Monae

On her love for suits & tuxedos:
“I enjoy the tuxedo and I enjoy suits. They are timeless and transcendent 18th century, 19th century, 20th century all the way to 2719. I think the tuxedo will outlive us.”

On how she defines beauty:
“I love givers and when I find out someone is giving somebody else something from the heart… I think people who give their time are some of the most beautiful people that I know.”

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08 Apr 2013

Celebs Out & About: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

Fan favorite Michael Jordan waits to play a shot during ARIA Resort & Casino’s 12th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational golf tournament at Shadow Creek in North Las Vegas.

(Photo Source: Getty Images)

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08 Apr 2013

Brandy Covers PYNK Magazine + Interview!

Brandy Covers PYNK Magazine

On how she feels about not being recognized for her longevity and being one of the top chicks in the game:
Sometimes I agree with it because I know there are a lot of talented people that have shown me a lot of love on top of my fans really expressing their love for me. Sometimes I think your ego gets in the way because you know you want everybody to feel that way about you. You want to get the credit. You want to get the props but I try not to live in that space because I know it’s ego. I’m just happy with being me. I’m happy with being able to be so connected in my being that I’m able to express that in my music. There are so many people who get the credit but they’re not really connected to their music. I would take the honesty and the connection with my music over the credit any day…but both would be nice!”

1x1.trans Brandy Covers PYNK Magazine + Interview!

On the current state of R&B and who she would love to collaborate with :
I’m not okay with the current state of R&B. That’s why ‘Two-Eleven’ was so important to me. I wanted to do an album that contributed to that genre of music. I think it was very necessary for the music industry and the hearts of people. As far as newcomers, I hadn’t really been paying attention because I was so focused on the album but I can’t help but pay attention to Kelly Rowland. I admire her so much and would love to collaborate with her. Beyoncé is phenomenal and Rihanna is amazing too.

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07 Apr 2013

Celebrity Baby Bump: Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian baby bump

Kim Kardashian showed off her growing baby bump to fans on instagram today. Just in time for the finale of “Kim & Kourtney Take Miami” tonight. I am sure the photo sparked some ratings for the reality tv diva, and mom to be. Her beau Kanye West on the other hand has been mum on twitter regarding the birth on his unborn child. I guess we will just have to wait and see how this plays out. In the meantime check out Kim’s baby bump pic..

(Photo Source: Instagram)

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05 Apr 2013

Rapper Ludachris Host “Fast & Furious 6″ Celebrity Race + Pics!

ludacris-fast-furious 3

Rapper and Actor Ludacris hosted the “Fast & Furious 6″ celebrity racing event at Andretti’s Go Karts in Atlanta. Check out more pics from the event below.

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05 Apr 2013

Christian Comedy Show: Poetically Funny Friday April 5th!

Christian Comedy Show

Friday, April 5, 2013

8pm (Doors open at 7:30p)
Tickets ONLY $10 in advance
$15 at the door

Featuring Chastity Washington, Ron Baker Jr., &
Horace Sanders.

For more info call 708-331-3511 ext. 120 or email 7mmartsentertainment@vkmi.org.

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