Pastor Mark Lewis

I promise I couldn’t make this stuff up if i wanted to.
Some of these preachers are getting out of order. I know they are regular people just like everyone on earth, but at what point do they draw the line. And the congregation must must be drinking the kool aide.There is no way in earth I would help sell a church’s sacred belongings to bail out a preacher who obviously doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong!

Via AP:

Members of a Vacaville congregation sold off pieces from the church in a fundraiser for the pastor’s bail.
Fellowship Baptist Church Pastor Mark Lewis remains behind bars on more than $1 million bail, accused of putting three people up to firebombing his ex-girlfriend’s home.

The pastor was rearrested after bailing out the first time for allegedly fraudulently registering his church, which was used as bail collateral.

Sarah Bongard is one of the jailed pastor’s devoted parishioners. She says the church needs the money to help it’s leader.

(Photo Credit: AP)

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