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How’s Miss Voodoo?

Judi: OMG my baby is doing just fine. Actually she is at home laying on the bed in Chicago, she has not moved, and she never will.

She’s not going to make an appearance on Love Games?

Not this time, but she is definitely in spirit through me [laughs], seriously I love her, I should’ve brought her but the boys weren’t ready for that
What did you learn from your experience on Bad Girls Club and did you apply any of it to Love Games?

I learned that you don’t have to get blacked out drunk or start drama and argue with everybody just to prove a point. The only point that needs to be proven is to yourself. Moving into the Love Games house my maturity that I got from the Bad Girls Club definitely reflected on the relationships I made with the boys. Like on Love Games, I was hardly drunk–actually, I was pretty sober, except for the first night [laughs], but the rest of the show I’m not going to be that drunk Judi anymore.

How were your experiences on Love Games different from your experiences on BGC?

On Bad Girls Club it was more going to clubs, bar hopping and partying and just like wilding out, but on Love Games we had dates and stuff so I’ve never got to do half the stuff that I did [on BGC]. You know, I’m talking like we had karma sutra dates, we always had champagne and beautiful cheese trays and strawberries, it was definitely more romantic, elegant and adult like, whether than ‘Oh I’m so drunk in the limo’ and like arguing with six other girls, and you know boys are different anyway, so it was just the whole atmosphere.

On Bad Girls Club you had no problem playing the boys, what makes you so fearless about your sexuality?

Well I think that sex is a beautiful thing, it’s supposed to actually be a beautiful thing, unfortunately the industry kind of degraded it and made it into something it’s not. I have no problem having sex, like you only live once and as long as your safe and your taking the right precautions I don’t see nothing wrong with it. Your grown, have fun, feel good, that’s all.

What did you learn from Tanisha considering that she is a former Bad Girl who is actually about to get married?

Yes, you know what I love Tanisha, she is actually a really really sweet person and I am so happy for her. Seeing her getting married really motivates me to say ‘You know what?’ Love still exists and marriage can definitely still happen and I’m really excited.
So she motivates you to want to do better and find somebody to be with?

That and I just really look up to Tanisha, like she’s on every Love Games season, she’s a host, actually what people don’t know is Tanisha works very very hard. She works really really hard and I respect her and I would love to do what she does one day as well as get married.
Seems like you’re really vibing with Matthew, who else are your favorite boys in the house on Love Games?

My top three would definitely have to be Matthew, John and Edson.

What else can viewers expect from the show? I see that you and Sydney get into a little beef because of jealousy.

I just want you to make sure you tune in to Love Games, this is honestly the best season by far and nothing has happened yet, it definitely gets so much more crazy. There are a lot of flips and curve balls that come in this season, so I’m sure nobody will guess what will happen next, it’s very unpredictable and I’m really excited for the world to see it. Just know that the Sydney drama is just the icing on the cake, that’s the beginning, there is so much more to come.

Actually no I don’t have any celebrity crushes that’s crazy I really don’t.

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