Recently I had a chance to sit down with Takari Lee Christie. She is the daughter of VH1 Basketball LA wife Jackie Christie. She gives us a inside look at being the daughter of the powerhouse known as Jackie Christie.

MzChifab: Is Doug Christie your biological father?

Takari: No he is not I have known Doug Christie since I was 3 or 4 years old.

MzChiFab: Do you have contact with your biological father?

Takari: I have always been in contact with my biological father.

MzChifab: Why did you choose now to air out your mother’s dirty laundry?

Takari: I am doing this to tell my story more than airing out my mothers dirty laundry. I have always wanted to write a book, and this is the first time I followed it through.

MzChiFab: Just to clear things up are you doing this to promote your blog, or your tell all book?

Takari: More than anything I am doing this to promote my book, and give attention to my story.

MzChiFab: She is starring in VH1’s Basketball Wives do you fill like she should share her success?

Takari: No I don’t. I feel like she is given more credit than she deserves. Credit should be given where its deserved, and she does not deserve the credit.

MzChiFab: Are you upset with your mother for living a more lavish lifestyle then you do?

Takari: No I left my mothers house, so no not at all.

MzChiFab: This is not your mothers first TV show in 2006 she starred in “The Christies Committed” on BET. Were you or any of your siblings featured on that show?

Takari: My little sister and brother were, but I was not included at all. I was not living with them at that time.

MzChiFab: What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?

Takari: I really don’t have childhood memories of my mother. I was raised by my grandmother, my mother just came to visit occasionally.

MzChiFab: What did Mom do that you wish she had done differently?

Takari: I wish she would of fought the struggle with me. She left me with my grandmother who struggled to provide, while she went off and led her life.

MzChiFab: What does your mom mean to you?

Takari: My mother means the world to me, I have always wanted a mother daughter relationship with her. It bothers me that things are the way they are. I go through things that I wish I could discuss with her as daughter, but she is not there.

MzChiFab: You said your mother kicked you out of her house on to the street with your two children.How long had you been living in that house before your mother kicked you out? Were you and your children the only occupants in this house?

Takari: I had lived in a house my mother owned for a little over a year, with my youngest sons father before being kicked out without warning.

MzChiFab: Have you and your mother ever had a good mother/daughter relationship? What led to anything that dealt with you and your mother growing apart?

Takari: That’s a question I would like to ask her. We were never close at all.

MzChiFab: What is your relationship like with your brother and sister?

Takari: My sister Chani and I are really close, we have issues like any sisters but she is my other half. I don’t see my little brother, but I do speak to him occasionally.

MzChiFab: What is your relationship like with Doug Christie?

Takari: Doug has always been a father figure for me, he took me on as his daughter and it was hard work. Since my mother and I have not got along Doug has pulled away.Now we don’t have a relationship at all.

MzChiFab: You have stated that your relationship with your mom is like being in love with an abusive man, what makes you feel this way?

Takari: I tried to work things out with her over and over even though she was being mentally and verbally abusive.

MzChiFab: Has the abusive relationship you have had with your mother taken a toll on your personal life? If so how?

Takari: The relationship I had with my mother always made me feel like I was not good enough. I had a void in my life for love that I felt like I need to have.

MzChiFab: On your blog you’ve stated that you would like to be compensated for the pain and suffering you endured over the years. Exactly what type of pain and suffering are you referring to? How do you feel you should be compensated?

Takari: The compensation would be for my mother to love and treat me the same as my siblings. Not a monetary compensation.

MzChiFab: In a interview with Tight Rope Magazine your mother stated “When I had my first child, I didn’t know what to expect and I was 22 yrs old and I’m thinking, well if I go ahead and have my mom come and be with me, she could help me and show me…But never did I know having grandma there would change my whole experience as a mother.”

Takari: The statement she made is 100% untrue. My grandmother took on the full responsibility of raising me. I didn’t live in my mothers household until I was 9 years old.

MzChiFab: In all honesty do feel like she tried to be a good mother to you?

Takari: I think my mother did the best she could, but I don’t want her to take credit for being a mother when she wasn’t.

MzChiFab: I myself am a single mother of two and, know the struggles of raising children. What are you doing in preparation of making a better life for your children?

Takari: I am writing my book to help me deal with my issues so I can be a better mother to my children, and provide for them.

MzChiFab: Do you think at any point you and your mother will be able to mend your relationship?

Takari: I hope through the process of me writing my book, my mother and I could mend our differences and reach a good space.

MzChiFab: What does being a daughter of Jackie Christie mean to you?

Takari: It means that I am more stronger than most, and my goals
are higher being the daughter of Jackie Christie.

MzChiFab: So what do you have coming up next for the world, & when can we expect your book be release?

Takari: The first thing I have coming is my book. I have been through so much in my life, hopefully my story can help someone else.

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georgeSeptember 19, 2011 1:58 pm

OMG!!! This has to be the most distasteful story /slander ever for you guys to try to take a stab at a family in grieving is really sick i hope Jackie Christie sues you for real for slander also you should check your facts, before writing this bafoonery they are not even fighting you idiot.

georgeSeptember 19, 2011 2:00 pm

OMG! this is straight sick this bs is stupid and you guys should be ashamed of your self i hope jackie christie and her family sue the f__k out of you your sick! and slander is punishable by law i know them very well this ish is all lies its bs for attention you idiot.

georgeSeptember 19, 2011 2:01 pm

This sh_t is being reported to the law now!!! you f__king sikos!!!!!

truth hurtsSeptember 22, 2011 7:39 pm

Uh oh. It appears Jackie has found this blog! Lol. There’s no way to sue for slander when statements are direct quotes from the interviewee. Perhaps when you should sue your daughter,Jackie! That’s sure to address the issue and bring the family together. Smh. This blog is not saying anything different than what has been being reported by the masses since after the airing of YOUR last reality show.

NameSeptember 22, 2011 8:25 pm

So wait, she was living in her moms house with baby daddy number two, and neither of them were paying rent.

YoMamaBeeotch November 06 2012 20:27 pm

She didn't say anything about rent. . . .why are you assuming?

GURLSTOooP!!September 23, 2011 6:45 am

@ george

Hey JACKIE you are making your rounds to every blog or what? You are so bitter it comes through your words…because not even your friends care that much.

isisOctober 5, 2011 12:24 pm

Very classy Jackie,accusing your daughter of sleeping with Doug.
Everything was peaches and cream before she started growing breasts and her butt got bigger now she has more than you and girlfriend had to move out. Maybe she caught Doug looking. Newsflash hes old and washed up your the only person that wants him.

TishOctober 5, 2011 5:13 pm

Jackie says Draya should have her ass beat however she treated her first born like trash. That bitch is fake n evil… Guess you are getting the fame u deserve as opposed to the fame u wanted. You made yourself look like a fool on the 6th episode and they should boot your ignorant ass off that show. Your a disgrace as a mom, and older female. How could Doug even have you. You make him look bad. U need major help. Takari God will bless you. B4 i read anything u blogged or your i.terviews we could see for ourselves how psycho jackie is.. She exposed herself just like Meeka Claxton did.

MissknowitallNovember 2, 2011 2:50 am

This is such a joke I know this girl and id love to know why she is lying about have two different fathers for her kids NOT TRUE!! At least not to his knowing wonder if he knows his oldest isn’t his according to all these interviews lol wow how pathetic this girl is a ghetto attention Whore who keeps going back to her kids father that cheated on her got another girl pregnant left her and she took him back and had another baby… I got the scoop who looks silly now????

HOOD_COUNSELORNovember 24, 2011 10:53 pm

Whoah! i believe it all!!! she was mentioned maybe once in the whole entire season. Jackie appears to be crazy and maybe a bit biolar. she really need to be mentally evealuated and thats real talk. JAckie may not loved her daughter cause for one she never wanted to have a child and for 2..once she got with doug and had a baby from him she couldnt love or give attention to her eldest daughter. It also appears that jackie is color struct. Maybe she never wanted a dark child. Its just sad the person she is. She need to correct the situation with a daughter and have a life with her grands. But she so damn mental and a fuckin psychopath that she believes her own lies. Poor DOUG!

chi-townNovember 14, 2012 2:22 am

I’m a lighter skin woman with a beautiful darker skin daughter and I think Jackie Christie is a color struck idiot, my mom helped me with my daughter but I never left her because she is my child and my responsibility I normally watch basketball wives with my daughter but episode 10 was hard for us watch but I had to explain to my 18yr daughter that some black women still feel inferior and put inferior complexes on there children and its sade,

ReighnNovember 14, 2012 10:50 am

Takari if you are reading this I’m so sorry.Im not a dark skin girl,but I had a little heat from people who were close to white shade.So I can only imagine how you feel,receiving this from your own mother.Let me just say this is 2012 no one does that”my skin is lighter than your skin” shit anymore.Also Jackie everybody knows your posting lol.You are one sick bitch and I hope Laura gets all up in that ass,and this is coming from a 20 yo.get your mind right.

ps.A little advice Takari,you keep telling Your story.People believe you,and your mom Will deny it,be on the defense, and make you feel like your doing wrong.but your not.good luck sweetie:)

tbattsNovember 14, 2012 6:25 pm

I’m not gonna get into detail but I’ve dealt with this nd still am

jobNovember 15, 2012 11:52 pm

If you keep this up you’re definitely not going to get a dime from her.. so your computer is still operable sell it cancel your internet service. You are now responsible for human beings. Go on welfare tell them your problem. who is going to give you a book deal?? And with what money?? the people on this blog are not going to purchase the book.focus on being a good parent by being self sufficient. You hate your mom we get it but that is not putting money in your pocket for those kids. And the more you blast her that is definitely a greater possibility of not getting any money from her whatsoever. U need her for her money and if u don’t get what u want you’ll sell her soul

AshaNovember 17, 2012 4:53 am

So, are we supposed to be mad at Jackie because she kicked her daughter out of HER HOME? Jackie has the right to do as she pleases, with her home and family. If Takari was an adult, and having children, maybe she should have had a place to live before she continued to pop out more children. Then her kid’s father was living with her, under her mom’s (Jackie) roof? Oh please! If she found time to lay on her back to conceive children, she should have found the time to-I don’t know-find an apartment.

Lets all be real for a second, there are three sides to every story. We have the dayghter’s sides, Jackie’s side, and the truth is what remains. Here’s the truth; this family has just as many issues as any other family. What’s the shock??

AshaNovember 17, 2012 4:56 am

And then Jackie’s daughter calls herself blasting Jackie. She must realize that people are still going to watch the show regardless. While she’s wasting time sharing information with people who can’t change her situation, she should be figuring out what she should be doing…for her children, and for rekindling the relationship between her mom.

Like the wind…December 23, 2012 9:14 pm

i wish we could know the real story

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