So Jennifer Williams ex-husband Eric Williams recently did

a interview. Trust when I say he is a mess, read some of the interview below:

Do you care that Jennifer pics were leaked on the internet?

Every woman and some mama’s took naked pics of themselves so what’s the big deal.. Lol I see nakedness as soon as I turn on TV! So naked pics are nothing!

How real is the Basketball Wives? Obviously your parts are real but overall?

That’s the thing I’m not involved in the plot of the show. I don’t know what’s going on with the meat of the production. I did my part said what I had to say with passion and bounced! That’s all I needed to do.. Lol

Matt Barnes couldn’t handle the stress of the show and freaked out constantly, but you seem totally at ease what is the difference?

He still under the umbrella of the NBA, trust me he don’t want that lil check to stop coming! Lol but for me it is what it is, I’m as natural as it’s gonna get.. No need to act when your personality is FULL of Passion!!

Do you think it is unreasonable for any woman who gets involved with a man and specifically a man in a position of power to expect him to be faithful?

Yes, expectation is good! Haha. But as long as she does what she’s supposed to do. If she must go beyond to secure her position as his lady or wife then by all means she should do it with hella Pride!

Do you think women who know their men are cheating and stay with them have a right to complain since they knew what they were getting into?

They have no right to complain! If they were cool with knowing their man is cheating on them then they have no right to complain. Sit down somewhere. BUT, if it makes them unhappy then complain with the understanding that if he doesn’t stop, get out the situation. End of story!


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